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David G. Zacharias, MD
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Greetings friend!

Do you realize that somewhere in the world there exists a person that, if given the chance to connect with you under the right conditions, would lead to invaluable growth and transformation in your life?

Many don’t believe that psychotherapy can have this kind of potential. I was formerly a skeptic also until my own personal discovery of it led me to change careers from being an anesthesiologist to a psychiatrist (or as a colleague quipped, I went from putting people to sleep to waking them up). My cynical view of psychiatry throwing pills at hurting people transformed into recognizing the potential it carries to address suffering and inspire people to pursue deeply meaningful lives.

So why does this matter? Because for you specifically, there are some therapists who are worth their weight in gold and some who will be mostly useless. Some with whom you will form deep relationships and some with whom it will just be an hour of “talking.” And I want you to know that it is worth finding good therapy—therapy that is life-giving, paradigm-shifting, and…well, magical.

So with that said, I offer the following information about me and my practice to help you determine whether we might be a “good fit” for one another. And if there is anything else you want to know, please reach out! I wish you well in your journey and hope to hear from you.


David G. Zacharias, MD

David G. Zacharias, MD, MPH

I have over 20 years of experience working in healthcare and an extensive background in basic science and clinical research, public health, ethics, speaking, publishing, and developing programs to integrate worldview and medicine.

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Inspire People

It has been said that a good doctor can prescribe medications, but a great doctor helps patients get off medications. For this reason, I am passionate about spending quality time with patients and investing in those who invest in themselves.

Foster Connection

I welcome all people regardless of background and personal history. Witnessing the beautiful diversity among individuals and participating in their unique life narratives is one of the primary reasons that I love what I do. Come as you are.

Give Hope

Given my diverse background, I am equipped to treat patients by various means to help them obtain greater satisfaction with their lives. The word psychiatry derives from Greek meaning “healing of the spirit”—it is my aim to achieve that end.

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What patients say

Dr. Zacharias is the best psychiatrist/therapist I've ever had. No question about it. And I've had a few in my 70 plus years.
He made a significant impact on me and I will be forever grateful for his encouragement and advice.
He listened to my concerns after multiple losses in my life and restored hope and faith to enjoy living again.
If you are looking for the best help with any mental disorder, Dr. Zacharias should be your first choice.
I have worked with a number of excellent therapists across my long life. David ranks at the very top of all those with whom I have worked.
Dr. Z is extremely intelligent, very experienced, and passionate about helping his patients overcome their inner battles.
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