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Effective Treatment Makes Financial Sense

Washington ranks as one of the highest states for mental illness in the US, with nearly a quarter of the population having a diagnosable mental health condition at any given time.

Data from Harvard University and the World Health Organization show people currently free of mental health symptoms earn ~50% more income than those suffering with severe symptoms *

* Furfaro H., The Seattle Times. Sept 2021 - National Institutes of Mental Health. Mental Health by the Numbers. Sept 2019 - Levinson et al., British Journal of Psychiatry. Aug 2010 - Kessler et al., American Journal of Psychiatry. Jun 2008

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Insurance and Fees

Please be aware that I bill patients directly and am "out-of-network" for all health insurance plans. As a result, I do not engage with any health insurance company. However, I can provide paperwork so that patients may seek financial reimbursement from their insurance company by submitting a claim themselves. For a full list of fees, please contact my office for further information.

It is important to note that Medicare specifically does not provide any out-of-network reimbursement.

Please contact your insurance carrier in advance to determine coverage (click here for questions to ask).

What patients say

Dr. Zacharias is the best psychiatrist/therapist I've ever had. No question about it. And I've had a few in my 70 plus years.
He made a significant impact on me and I will be forever grateful for his encouragement and advice.
He listened to my concerns after multiple losses in my life and restored hope and faith to enjoy living again.
If you are looking for the best help with any mental disorder, Dr. Zacharias should be your first choice.
I have worked with a number of excellent therapists across my long life. David ranks at the very top of all those with whom I have worked.
Dr. Z is extremely intelligent, very experienced, and passionate about helping his patients overcome their inner battles.
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