In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.

Albert Camus

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Philosophy of Care

The ancient Hippocratic tradition views medicine as a calling by which physicians swear by oath to act always in the best interest of patients. I took this same oath when I became a doctor and it continues to guide the work I do. It has been said that a good doctor can prescribe medications, but a great doctor helps patients get off medications. That is my chief objective and in my particular field, psychotherapy is the tool to accomplish this.

For this reason, I work with patients who are seekers. People who are motivated to do whatever it takes to become well—to put forth the necessary time, energy, and resources in pursuit of a better life. As for me, I love to invest in those who invest in themselves. I often tell my patients that they may pay for my knowledge and expertise, but they do not pay for my heart. That I give for free.

The word psychiatry derives from Greek originally meaning “healing of the spirit” — it is my aim to achieve that end.

Clinical Approach

I am a pragmatist—hence, my desire is to employ whatever evidence-based methods will be of use to my patients. Given my diverse background and training, I am equipped to treat patients by various means to help them achieve a greater sense of satisfaction with their lives.

Though my psychotherapy-based practice is informed by psychoanalytic and "third wave" cognitive-behavioral theory, my interactions with patients tend to be relational and existentially-oriented, focusing heavily on personal growth and empowerment within a larger context of meaning and values.

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I am also open to discuss the need for psychiatric medication or referral for other treatment modalities when appropriate and useful. Because I take a conservative and evidence-based approach in my practice, it should be noted that I do not prescribe controlled substances such as stimulant or benzodiazepine medications.

I do not demand a specific approach as long as the chosen path is indicated, evidence-based, likely to be tolerable and effective, and something upon which we mutually agree. The goal is to deliver the care a patient wants and needs, when they want and need it.

Treatment Process

The first session will be an initial diagnostic evaluation, which includes gathering relevant psychiatric and medical histories in order to understand your current symptoms and concerns. This preliminary assessment will provide the basis for diagnostic clarification and treatment planning moving forward. It will also allow us to develop rapport, discuss procedures and policies, and determine whether or not it makes sense to proceed with treatment.

Thereafter, I typically meet with individuals for 50-minute psychotherapy sessions with or without medication management (frequency ranging from weekly to monthly). If I recommend alternative or additional treatments that I currently do not offer, I can provide referrals to appropriate providers.

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Existential Perspective

Existentialism is a branch of philosophy arising in the 19th century exploring issues central to the human condition such as meaning, isolation, authenticity, subjectivity, free will, responsibility, and mortality.

Historically, many great existentialist thinkers have impacted the field of psychiatry by addressing human suffering in unique ways—laying the groundwork for influential schools of thought like psychoanalysis and modern cognitive-behaviorism.

Contrary to common misconception, philosophical exploration is often an informal process that relates to a wide array of everyday human experiences. The only requirements are an open mind and a curiosity about oneself and the surrounding world.

The word “exist” derives from Latin, meaning “to stand out of being.” Hence, an existential perspective inquires into what it means to be — to identify as a self and perpetually create oneself — courageously standing out from the world from which one came to be and understanding oneself in relation to it.

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