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Panic Attacks vs. Anxiety Attacks: Understanding, Recognizing, and Seeking Help

Learn about panic attacks vs. anxiety attacks including the differences, similarities, & treatment options. Need help? Reach out for a free consultation.

Couple playing in a snowy forest in Seattle to cope with holiday grief

Coping with Holiday Grief - Finding Hope and Healing

Learn about holiday grief including its complexities, coping strategies, and available help. Need support? Reach out today for a free consultation.

Woman holding up a leaf after attending depression therapy in Seattle

Shedding Light on Seasonal Affective Disorder: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Learn about seasonal affective disorder including signs & treatment. Need support for seasonal depression in Seattle? Reach out today for a consultation.

Couple laughing together after completing OCD and trauma treatment

At the Intersection of OCD and Trauma

Learn about the link between OCD and trauma, including the risk factors for obsessive-compulsive disorder. Need OCD treatment in Seattle? Reach out today.

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5 Ways Perfectionism and Depression Are Related

Dr. David Zacharias at Existential Psychiatry is a psychiatrist who works with patients to understand and cope with perfectionism and depression.

Man standing in ocean deciding when to see a therapist for anxiety

10 Signs It's Time to See an Anxiety Therapist in Washington State

Knowing when to see a therapist for anxiety can be difficult. Learn the 10 signs it's time to reach out for help, so you can recognize when you need support.

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Does Overthinking Cause Anxiety? Here are 3 Ways to Cope With a Negative Thought Loop

Dr. David Zacharias at Existential Psychiatry is a psychiatrist who works with clients to answer the question “does overthinking cause anxiety?”

How to get a mental health evaluation in seattle

How to Get a Mental Health Evaluation in Seattle

Facing mental health concerns can feel isolating. It may be especially overwhelming if you aren’t sure what’s going on.